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Commemorate the Armistice of the First World War with Col&MacArthur

Commemorate the Armistice of the First World War with Col&MacArthur

This Sunday marks the centenary of the First World War. Belgian watchmaker and official supplier of the British Army and the Royal Guards of Buckingham Palace, Col&MacArthur have launched their limited edition ‘Armistice 1918’ watch, designed to honour the heroes who fought during the war.

The limited-edition ‘Armistice 1918’ watch is the ideal vehicle to acknowledge the passing of time and to assert the importance of remembrance. The watch also helps to set commemorative traditions. The motto of the Legacy collection, where the ‘Armistice 1918’ watch will belong states ‘Time flies, heritage remains.’ Therefore, every detail of this watch is thoroughly thought out in order to commemorate the Armistice.

The design incorporates strong symbols of the end of the war including the poppy, the date 11-11-18 and the last soldier to be killed, Private George Edwin Ellison who was shot at 9:30am while scouting on the outskirts of Mons.

Also incorporated onto the front of the timepiece is the red 5 and the coordinates of the wagon, Compagnie Internationale des Wagons Lits, which had served as the mobile headquarters of the French Armed Forces, N°2419D, which symbolise the location and the time in which the end of the war was formally agreed.

Col&MacArthur also offer engraving on the back of the watch; a permanent souvenir allowing the wearer to pay tribute to an ancestor or hero of their choice by honouring the fallen’s sacrifice and memory, at any time. For those purchasing the watch as a gift for a loved one, a thoughtful personal message to the wearer can be engraved on the back. This final distinguishing feature completes the story told by the timepiece.

“Armistice 1918 is the first edition of the Legacy collection and we hope the first of a long series of successes” states Sébastien Colen, one of the founders of Col&MacArthur.

This unique limited-edition timepiece comes in a beautifully crafted wooden box and is available for £345 (with the option of engraving for £40) from, in addition to a limited amount being on sale at the Mons City memorial museum, which stands in the location where Private George Edwin Ellison was killed.

The ‘Armistice 1918’ watch is the perfect item for collectors with an interest in timepieces or those who wish to commemorate the war and soldiers who fought for our country.

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