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Eco travel – it goes beyond your destination

Eco travel – it goes beyond your destination

As awareness about the negative impact human life has on the environment increases, people are rapidly seeking a way to adapt their lives in a way which is not only beneficial for us, but also the world around us.

Millennials in particular are interested in more-sustainable solutions. Statistics show that 66% of global Millennials are willing to spend more on brands that are sustainable. Spending habits reflect this, as in 2017 ethical spending grew by 3.2% to £81.3 billion.

Samsonite RED, the iconic urban sister brand of Samsonite was launched in Korea in 2010, targeting young people in their 20s and 30s. Recently, they revealed their PLANTPACK collection, which comes in response to the growing public awareness of ethical fashion. Made from MIPAN regen, the world’s first recycled nylon, the PLANTPACK collection embodies Samsonite’s commitment to sustainability and its use of recycled materials.

The collection consists of two unisex bags – the sling bag and the backpack (available in medium and large). Perfect for young professionals, both bags are lightweight and suitable for both everyday and travel use, with multiple pockets.

The range can be purchased online from

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