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Intensive Spiruline Anti-Fatigue Therapy

Intensive Spiruline Anti-Fatigue Therapy

Introducing Institut Esthederm’s newest range – Spiruline. The new ingredient, Spirulina, is a blue microalgae, bursting with over 220 nutrients, specialised in perfecting your skin.

The results expected from using the new range is instantly radiant, smooth, relaxed and visibly revitalised skin. In particular, Spiruline is ideal for anyone with the appearance of tired and dull skin, caused by fatigue, smoking, dull complexion, post pregnancy and post weight loss.

Blue Algae is a huge buzz across the beauty industry at the moment, due to its ability to truly radiate and nourish the skin. Spiruline has 10 vitamins, 10 minerals, 18 amino acids, trace elements, antioxidants and essential fatty acids combined into one easy-to-use product, perfectly formulated for lifeless skin.

Institut Esthederm’s Spiruline range released in October 2019, ideal timing for the transition into winter, as skin begins to dry out and we are in need for an extra radiance-boost. The two products within the range are the Spiruline Serum, and Spiruline Cream, both priced at £64.  The Serum aims to improve the skin’s tone and enhances its brightness. The Cream focuses on reducing signs of fatigue, whilst regenerating and nourishing dehydrated skin.

We are so excited to see the future of this range with its many heroic abilities for the skin.

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