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Introducing Paloma Faith as the new face of Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses

Introducing Paloma Faith as the new face of Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses

Our client Transitions Optical recently announced that Paloma Faith is their new ambassador.

Brit award winning musician Paloma Faith is the first ever U.K. ambassador and will front the brand as well as its latest and most fashionable collection to date, Style Colours. Chase PR and Transitions Optical chose Paloma for her quirky and eclectic style to demonstrate the young and fun side of the brand.

Expressing his excitement on the signing of Paloma Faith, Transitions Business Development & Marketing Director, Laurent Dosseville said, “As part of our 2018 plan to entice younger wearers to the amazing benefits of Transitions light intelligent lenses, we’re very excited to have Paloma Faith representing us and showing how Transitions lenses can match your individual style across different frames and colours. We believe Paloma will help communicate the benefits of these hassle free lenses.”

As a pop sensation and busy Mum, Paloma’s schedule perfectly suits Transitions light intelligent lenses, which seamlessly adapt to every situation throughout the day. The lenses gradually change from clear to dark as the wearer moves outside and is exposed to UV rays, offering protection from 100% of UVA and UVB rays. This technology means Paloma’s frames are glasses and sunglasses in one.

Equally delighted to join the brand, Paloma Faith commented, “I’m really happy to be named as Transitions lenses’ ambassador. My glasses are now perfect for my busy lifestyle, as each day is different and I never know where I will be from one day to the next. My Transitions lenses save me carrying around multiple glasses/cases. I particularly love the extended choice of Style Colours, giving me a chance to customise my frames.”

The wide choice of lens colours allows Paloma to continue to express her individuality by choosing a unique frame and lens combination each time. Paloma will show how fun and diverse choosing eyewear can be through her personal collection of glasses. Taking inspiration from Paloma’s bold and creative style, Transitions hopes to introduce light intelligent lenses to a younger, more style and fashion-led audience.

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