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Joolz launch three new looks for 2019

Joolz launch three new looks for 2019

Three New Looks; One big introduction
Joolz believes families should feel free to stroll as they are, and strive to give greater meaning in everything parents do. That’s why ‘New Looks’ from Joolz has captured a selection of combinations that encourages parents to get themselves out there, freely expressing themselves for who they are. It’s a choice of strollers that proves its own design integrity, a twist in forward thinking with recycled fabrics, and finding ways to enjoy a more positive way of living.

Marvel at Marvellous green
With the integrity and desire to stand out, our designers wanted to capture the colour green in a brand-new light. Joolz’ new Marvellous green represents the beauty of nature brought into urban city life, puts the spring back in your step, and gets you all up and out there. This new combination is all about feeling a sense of vitality and inspiring parents with a greater sense of choice. As a further update to the Joolz family, the beautifully revived Gorgeous grey colour option, alongside Marvellous green will soon have you strolling with sophistication.

Creating a positive impact with sustainable fabrics
Joolz has always been thinking about design for the next generation. It’s something that is at the heart of everything we think and do. Selecting sustainable fabrics made with used plastic bottles recycled from land and sea is quite simply a common-sense statement. That’s why Joolz offers this alternative choice that young families can be part of. Made from 100% high twisted filament yarns with a high number of fibres, this increases the breathability of the fabric, and provides a more comfortable feel.

By making this choice, Joolz defines how we can have a more positive impact on the environment, giving everyone the chance to do things differently. Introduced in Classic blue, strolling together sustainably means we’re moving forwards with confidence, one step at a time towards a brighter future.

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